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Monday, December 20, 2010

Busy Day

Gosh, I ran around more today than in all the time we've been here! I dropped prescriptions off at WalMart for refill; went to Curves; got a mani/pedi (one of the best I've EVER had!); and then went back to WalMart to pick up some of the refills.

Yes, I said some of the refills. It was so annoying. I had seven prescriptions that needed transferring from other WalMart pharmacies. As our RVing friends know, this is normal for those of us on the road. Usually I have no problems. But, every once in a while, there's a glitch. And today, there was a glitch. Seems that the WalMart in Junction City, KS only allowed one of four prescriptions to transfer. How weird is that?? If they were going to deny the transfers, why not all four? So random. Anyway, the problem got straightened out after one of the pharmacy techs called them.

The annoying part is that I have to go back to pick up the remaining three prescriptions. Not a big deal, but an inconvenience. And if that's the biggest inconvenience in my life, I'm a happy girl. :)

While I was running around, Randy was home cleaning. He vacuumed and shook rugs and generally picked up. Such a great guy.

I made one of our favorites for dinner tonight – chicken pesto pasta. Such a yummy dish!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. We use Walgreen's for meds and they work great anywhere we go. There is no transfer system as they have a national computer setup and I can get them anywhere. A doctor can send a new script to any Walgreen's and we can pick it up anywhere in the country-so far we have been very happy with that.