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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Little More Frustration

First, I have to shout about the weather! I am writing this at 8pm and we have the windows open! It's 63* outside right now, but it got up to 70*!! Not bad for late December, huh? But, it's not gonna last long – tomorrow's high s only gonna be in the 50s. Oh, well. I sure enjoyed it today. :)

I had a plan today. Yes, I know; some of you are saying to yourselves, so what else is new? :) But, I do try to run errands in a logical manner. So, I needed to pick up those three prescriptions that weren't ready on Monday and then I was going to Curves. So, I figured I just make a big circle, picking up the prescriptions first, go to Curves and then head home.

Well, it didn't go as planned. I got to WalMart – no prescriptions. WHAT!?!? So, one of the pharmacy techs, Brittany, got on the phone. She earned every bit of her pay today. :) She called the WalMart in Kissimmee, FL (yeah, I had it wrong on Monday – it was Kissimmee, not Junction City) to see what the problem was. Half an hour later, she talked to the pharmacist only to find the Kissimmee pharmacist couldn't “see” the prescriptions in the computer. Brittany worked through the problem and found the answers she needed. The prescriptions were transferred and available for the pharmacist to fill. Great! Of course, it would take at least 45 minutes for that to happen. YAY.

I went on to Curves, worked out my frustration and headed back to WalMart to pick up the prescriptions. More good news awaited me. Only two of the prescriptions were filled because they did not have enough medication in stock to fill the third. So, I get to back tomorrow! What a pain.

Ya gotta laugh 'cause what else ya gonna do? At least Brittany was great to work with and did everything she could to remedy the situation. I can't get mad when someone is working so hard on my behalf.

I finally got home and found that Randy had begun his chores to get us out of here on Friday. The outside lights were down and chairs put away. Now that the truck was back, he cleaned it out so our suitcases and presents will fit.

I was lazy this afternoon – again I hear you saying, nothing new there! :) I even napped again. Oh, well. I'm retired. I can do that.

Dinner and TV as usual tonight. Tomorrow will bring more travel prep and, of course, a visit to WalMart!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. You sure put in a full day!

    Happy Holidays and Travel Safe

    Dawn & Denise