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Monday, December 06, 2010

New Parts

Although I probably need some, it was the truck that got new parts today. While out driving on Saturday, Randy noticed the battery light came on in the dashboard. Oh, yay. Something else to fix. :) So, first thing this morning, Randy called the local Ford dealer and was able to take the truck in this morning.

Well, the good news is the battery is fine. The bad news is the alternator and serpentine belt needed replacing. But, hey! It's only money, right? And as I told Randy, the truck MUST be safe. So, about $1100 later, Randy came home this afternoon.

Never a dull moment. I'm just grateful we had the money to pay for the repairs. When I realized what needed to be done, I just prayed and told God that He knows our financial situation, so I was trusting Him for the repairs. And He took care of us – as usual. :)

While Randy was sitting in the Ford dealership's shop, I was enjoying the quiet of the RV, watching TV shows that I DVR each Sunday night. These are not shows Randy has any desire to watch, so I was able to watch them without bothering him! :)

We did get a nice surprise today, as well! We got a package in the mail from Jason, Lindsay & Reagan. It was covered with Christmas stickers so I wasn't sure if we were supposed to open it. I texted Lins asking that very question and was rewarded with a phone call from Reagan! :) I love talking to her on the phone. She told me to open it right away!

They sent us ornaments for our Christmas tree!! How nice was that! Now our little tree is suitably dressed for the holiday. Thanks, kiddos!

Until the next time . . .


  1. Great to get free ornaments after the big repair bill!

  2. That was so sweet of the kids. How about a picture of your little tree?