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Friday, December 03, 2010

Wandering Around Town

Never having actually been in the town of Hardeeville, we decided to take a drive today. As in most towns along a major interstate (I-95), there are lots of motels and hotels, and fast food restaurants along US 17 which is the main drag of Hardeeville. We didn't see anything out of the ordinary that made us want to stop. So, we continued on our drive.

We did have a couple of stops we wanted to make while we wandered; the post office and an RV parts shop. Well, our GPS really let us down today. Our first stop was to be the post office. The GPS took us to a closed restaurant with no post office to be found anywhere! We drove around a bit and finally stopped and asked someone where it was – NO WHERE near where the GPS said it was! It actually looked like a new complex, so maybe we need to give the GPS a break.

Next stop – RV parts shop. This time I really can't blame the GPS. It took us to the exact address I plugged in, but it was in a residential neighborhood! I don't know if the guy runs his business out of his home or what, but there was no sign indicating it was an RV parts and accessories shop.

On to the next place I'd found on And would you believe it? Again we get led to a neighborhood. This one was a GATED development.

Needless to say, we never found an RV parts shop. We're gonna ask the RV park owner where we can find one. Probably should have done that in the first place. :)

Our last stop of the day was WalMart. Weren't we just here on Wednesday? Yes, we were. But, since then I'd gotten ideas for Christmas presents, so while we were out, it was a good time to take care of that shopping.

We finished our errands and came home. It was past time for lunch and we were hungry. So, we made ourselves sandwiches and watched “Bones” while we ate. After that, it was nap time. :)

This evening we took a walk with Blackie (yes, WE!!) around the park while dinner cooked. We're having sweet & sour chicken with rice and green beans tonight. It smells pretty yummy, too!

Thought I'd share a couple of pictures of our site, our little Christmas tree, and the most beautiful five year old granddaughter in the world. At least, I know I never had a school picture look this good!

Site 92 at Hardeeville RV P1120817 Christmas tree 2010 Reagan Pre-K (5 yrs)

Until the next time . . .


  1. She looks so grown up. I see Lindsey and Jason in her! Our good friends, Joe and Dana, live in Sun City, just down the road from you! Love the Christmas tree. I think we have an ornament for your tree. Do you have a local address we can mail it to?

  2. Terry...she is adorable!! What a beautiful pic!

    Love that tree, it is the perfect size and gives that Christmas feeling. I always loved to turn off the other lights and just let the tree light the room. Very peaceful!!