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Monday, December 13, 2010

Finally Got a Bit Productive

Plans, I love plans. However, they do not always come together. The plan was to got to Curves this morning, but after not getting to sleep until about 5:30 this morning and then only sleeping until 6:45am, I was in no mood to function. Not quite sure why I was unable to sleep last night, but I was wide awake all night. Oh, well. I got to watch some TV shows that Randy doesn't care for without bothering him. ;) Gotta look on the bright side.

Anyway, I just hunkered down in my recliner for the first part of the morning. I even got about an hour or so nap. That brought my sleep to almost three hours! Yippee!

After getting some lunch, I got a wild hair to do something. And the most glaring need were Christmas presents begging to be wrapped. Not my favorite thing at all to do, but it needed doing and I was I a mood to do something productive. Wrapping presents is one of the few times I feel like the RV is too small. Usually, our space is not a problem, I don't feel too enclosed or anything like that. But, with wrapping paper everywhere and presents sitting around, I do feel hemmed in. Plus there's not a lot of flat space on which to wrap presents. But, I persevered.

The upshot? ALL the presents are now wrapped!! WooHOOOO! I don't have to think about that anymore.

We had leftovers for dinner and are now settling in for the evening.

Until the next time . . .

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