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Friday, December 17, 2010

Lunch with Long-time Friends

Yesterday was another not-much-to-do day. :) I did get out to Curves, but that was it. We really have gotten good at doing nothing. :)

Today we had fun plans. We were meeting long-time friends, Alek & Lorrie, in Charleston for lunch. We've known Lorrie for 25 years and Alek for about 20 years. The four of us went to church together many years ago and enjoyed a good friendship. Randy & I eventually went to a different church and lost touch with them. A few years ago we reconnected and have kept in touch since.

Alek & Lorrie retired from Maryland to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. I got in touch with them when I realized we'd be in South Carolina for a while and we scheduled lunch. It was decided to meet in Charleston as that was a good midway point.

We left a few minutes before 9:00 this morning as Charleston is a little less than two and a half hours away. Yes, we drove two and a half hours for a lunch date! And yes, we laughed at ourselves, too. But, hey! We're retired, we can do that. :) The weather cooperated perfectly for the day. Mid 60s and partly sunny.

We had a wonderful time catching up and reminiscing with Alek & Lorrie. It is such a joy to have friends who whom you pick up where you left the last time you were together. And we have that with Alek & Lorrie. Such a gift is that type of friendship.

Catching up with Alek & Lorrie

Too quickly, it time to hug and say good-bye. But, there'll be a next time, I'm sure.

And if you're in Charleston? Check out Jim 'N Nick's BBQ on King Street. Good food!

Jim & Nick's, Charleston, SC

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Lindsay7:11 AM

    Great picture of the four of you! Alek & Lorrie look great!