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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Milestone

Twenty-five years ago today Randy and I were married in a perfect ceremony that included the people we loved and who loved us. We promised each other then that while there may be rough patches along the way, it would never be boring. And we've kept that promise!

It was a second marriage for both of us and there should have been nerves, but there weren't. Statistics and odds were against us, but through the grace of God and our desire to follow Him, we have not only persevered, we have thrived. Our relationship and love have grown deeper and more entwined than either of us would have imagined.

It's unbelievable that 25 years have passed since that day. And it has been a heck of a ride!

Our Disney vacation last month was really the big celebration for us, but we did mark the day by going into Savannah for a meal at Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room.

Mrs. Wilkes' Dining Room P1120856P1120850

It is a staple in the city, not only for tourists, but locals as well. As a matter of fact, the locals we chatted with while waiting in line told us that locals enjoy Mrs. Wilkes' far more than Paula Deen's restaurant. I thought that was interesting.

Mrs. Wilkes' opens at 11am and closes at 2pm. That's it. Monday through Friday only. If you want a seat, you need to get in line about a half hour before opening. We were on line about 10:15 because we found parking much quicker than we expected. But, it didn't take long for folks to line up behind us. And when we left around 11:50am, the line was even longer.

We're waiting!!

Mrs. Wilkes' is a family style restaurant. So, if you are uncomfortable sharing a table with people you don't know, don't go there. :) But, it's fun to hear other people's stories. We had the privilege of sharing our meal with three local people, one New Englander and three Aussies. The New Englander and one of the Aussies are husband and wife – they met while going to school in Ireland. How's that for a story!

Part of the dining roomOur table

As promised the food was very good and there was quite a variety. I forgot to get a picture of the table once all the food had been served, but here's a picture of the leftovers. Lots of dishes, huh?


Of course, once you've eaten without restraint, you need to walk it off. And there's no place like Savannah to meander. It is a city built around beautiful parks and squares, each with some historical significance. The weather was beautiful for a walk, so that's what we did. We both commented how lovely a city Savannah is.

Gorgeous squaresJones Street, SavannahP1120874P1120883Hartridge House, 1869      and tree-lined streets

We were given a fabulous day on which to celebrate a fabulous event. Doesn't get much better than to be able to walk through this life with your best friend. We are grateful to have each other and the family and friends who have walked alongside of us through these years.

Here's to 25 more!! :)

Celebrating our 25th


  1. Happy Happy Anniversary! Love you guys...and may God bless you with many more wonderful years.

    What a great blog post! Loved walking back through Savannah with you today!


  2. Happy Anniversary. We missed Mrs Wilkes while we were there, I guess we will have to go back.

  3. Congrats on your 25th anniversary. Enjoyed the pix of Savannah.