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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Trying to Get In The Mood

. . . for the holidays!! :)

I just am not feelin' it this year for some reason. But, we did our part today and bought a tabletop Christmas tree, complete with lights. :) We've never decorated for Christmas since we've been in the RV because we always go home. This year we aren't getting home until two days after Christmas, so I wanted some Christmas cheer here. We already have a lighted garland that we'll entwine with our awning lights, so outside AND inside will be a bit Christmas-y.

I'm hoping we'll get the decorations up tomorrow. Whenever it happens, I'll take pictures and share them with you!

Our other chores for the day were checked off the list as well. But, we did them in a very unusual way.

Randy likes to go to breakfast on the first of the month before we hit the grocery. Of course, being the good, obedient wife that I am, I go along with this. :) Now, we are in an unfamiliar area, so finding a place for breakfast at 10am is not easy. And the RV park owner didn't know of any place we could go. So, we were on a hunt.

Our first stop was the bank – can't go out to eat without money! The bank was located in the WalMart where we'd be doing our grocery shopping after breakfast. I asked the bank teller if she knew of anywhere we could get breakfast. She told us there was an IHOP that was about 15 minutes away. Great!

So, we leave the bank (in the WalMart) and drive 15 minutes away to have breakfast at IHOP. I started laughing as we parked and said to Randy how nice it was to be able to do whatever you want – even go out of your way to have breakfast. Life is good!!

And breakfast was very tasty, by the way. :)

Once our bellies were full, we traveled back to Walmart to do our grocery shopping. We are trying something new this month. We only shopped for two weeks worth of groceries. Well, we did buy enough paper products and such to get us through for awhile, but you can't help that; they're packaged that way. But, food-wise, we only shopped for two weeks. We're going to see how that works, if it saves us any money or costs us more.

Grocery shopping done, we went home. The fun always starts then – unloading and putting the groceries away. I don't like grocery shopping, but I like this part even less. But, Randy and I are a great team and we get the job done quickly.

The day was pretty much done by the time we got everything done. We've enjoyed our recliners since. I did put out our yard banners and we'll finish decorating tomorrow, hopefully.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. If you're lilke us, you'll spend more money by going every 2 weeks. It seems like the more often we go during the month, the more we spend.

    Take care,