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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

First Round

This is the time of year we have our annual/semi-annual doctors' visits. Not quite sure how we ended up scheduling them during the Christmas holidays, but we did, so . . .

Eye doctor appointments were first on the agenda. Both Randy & I have had changes to our vision, so new glasses will be needed. We'll get those when we settle in Alabama. Thankfully, however, our eyes seem to be healthy; I may even be able to stop the glaucoma drops if my pressure remains constant. I have to have a couple of tests when we come back here in the spring before the doctor can make that decision.

In between doctors' visits, we had lunch at Olive Garden with “kids” of some good friends. Courtney is now 23 and her brother, Marty, is 20 and a soldier in the US Army. So, I use the term “kids” as one does when speaking of young people one has known forever. :) Marty's fiancee, Katie, joined us. It was good to catch up with them as we haven't seen Courtney since last summer and Marty since he left for boot camp back in 2008.

Our last appointment for the day was at the dentist. Let me just say, I love our dentist! He is a one-man “show,” and his staff is very personable. Such a change from the dental practice we used in Maryland where you felt like part of an assembly line. Randy & I feel like Dr. Shapiro and his staff really know who we are when we call or walk into the office. Of course being the only full-time RVers they have as clients probably helps!

We've had a quiet evening at home. Jason, Lindsay & Reagan are attending a family function, so we're on our own.

Tomorrow we get to have yet another Christmas get-together when we visit with James, Amita, Kelly & Kate. Really looking forward to seeing them. We haven't seen them since last summer, either. I'm sure the girls have grown so much! Pictures to come!

Until the next time . . .

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