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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Talk About Low Key!!

Gosh, I thought Thursday was a slow day; we've done nothing but veg all weekend! I haven't posted since Thursday because there's been nothing to share. There still isn't, but I didn't want y'all to think we dropped off the face of the earth. Plus, I know how some of you just sit by your computers waiting anxiously for a word from me! Hahahahaa!

Seriously, we've only left the RV a couple of times since Thursday. Friday morning I went to Curves and this morning we went to church and Walgreen's. That's it. But, I was so glad to get out this morning. After a couple of days in the RV, I get a bit of cabin fever, so I was looking forward to church a little more than usual today. :)

I feel like we are just so slothful. Our days consist of getting up, having coffee and watching the news while we check out the various websites we read each day. Around noon (or earlier for me depending on what time I get up in the morning!) we have lunch. The afternoons are spent watching DVR'd TV programs. I make dinner around 6pm and then we continue watching our favorite TV shows.

Gosh, even writing that made me sluggish!!! Can't you hear JoAnn Pflug screaming “BORINGGGG!” (Please tell me you remember her from Laugh In!!)

But, with the weather being so ugly, there just isn't any oomph to get out and play. And now we're in for a cold front that's gonna give us daytime highs in the 30s with wind chills at night making it feel like the teens. However, I am grateful that I'm not in Kansas anymore (insert Oz joke here). Our son is dealing with daytime highs in the single digits. That is really tough in an RV.

Oh, well. This will pass and soon we'll be on our way home for our family Christmas gathering. Seeing the kids will warm me up for sure!

And after that? “Home” to Summerdale, AL and Rainbow Plantation where all our friends are waiting for us. Even if the weather isn't grand there, we'll be with our buddies and playtime will abound.

So, let us be boring for awhile. It won't last.


  1. You two couldn't possibly be B-O R-I-N-G ... Bored maybe but never boring. However, I think it was Jo Anne Worley. Laugh-in was The Best!

  2. Mike & Peggy are RIGHT! It WAS JoAnne WORLEY, not Pflug! Duh!!

  3. I do remember her from laugh in. The great thing about this lifestyle is doing nothing sometimes.

    You title caught my attention because we are in Cedar Key, and the Key just before it is Low Key!

  4. Your days are sounding like ours lately...the most we've done is run a few errands. Jeesh! LOL!