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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beginning of A Quiet Week - I Think

From what the calendar looks like, this is going to be a rather quiet week. Not too much going on until the end of the week when we celebrate our niece, Megan's, wedding.

This morning Randy and I went to a new church, Grace Fellowship, in Seven Valleys. It's amazing how many churches have the word "grace" in their names. We were active in Grace Community Church for several years before we hit the road and its mother church was a different Grace Fellowship. Anyway, we enjoyed today's service. It's a large church, much like our Grace is. Seems to have many ministries for every stage of life. I'm sure we'll go again. We do enjoy worshipping with our friends, Lee & Cheri, though, so that'll be a hard call. Maybe we'll alternate! :)

The rest of today has been spent enjoying the cooler weather we're having. Love it!!!! I don't think it got above 83 degrees and then a very short, but strong, line of thunderstorms went through (hail, too!) and it has cooled off even more. This is how Randy & I like it - low humidity, 70s. Ahhhhh! :) We can have the windows open, sit outside in the screen room. Lovely.

I did want to share a couple more photos with you from our romp in the park yesterday. This park is adjacent to the Dover Community Center. Also located on the property is the first Dover Jail, built in 1904. The funny thing is the first occupants of the jail were the masons who built it. They were arrested for becoming inebriated while celebrating the completion of the jail! Isn't that a nice way to say thank you? I do like old buildings, though, so here you go.

Dover Community Center
Dover Jail

This evening is being spent enjoying the Olympics coverage. I just love the gymnastics and diving. Of course, we have to cheer Michael Phelps on - he's a hometown boy!

Until the next time . . .

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