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Friday, August 15, 2008

Busy Friday

I was not looking forward to this morning. It was my weigh-in and measure day at Curves and I knew that the last couple of weeks had not been good. :) And, I was right. But, I'm not too concerned, it was only a couple of pounds and I didn't gain any inches, so I'm good with the results. You know, you have to be realistic and there weren't any surprises this morning. I just gotta get back on track.

Last night I went to dinner with Lindsay to one of her friend's house. Lindsay and Lacenda have been friends since high school and Lacenda is a wonderful young woman. She cooked a Mexican feast for us (one of the reasons I didn't do so well at Curves!!) and we had a great night of reminiscing and laughing and catching up. La's sister and boyfriend were there as well, so it was a good group.

My daughter, Lindsay on the left and Lacenda

Our dinner companions, Matt, Lacenda, La's sister, Charissa and Lindsay

Today Lindsay, Reagan, and I went to the rehearsal for our niece, Megan's, wedding. Reagan is the flower girl and I am doing a reading. The wedding is being held at one of the ski resorts in this area. The lodge in which the wedding & reception will take place is just gorgeous. There are three walls of windows. I am excited for Megan, and know that tomorrow will be a great day. I went fully prepared to take a bunch of pictures, but my battery died! UGH!!! Oh, well, pictures tomorrow.

Until the next time . . .

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