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Monday, August 18, 2008

A Special Wedding and Visiting Friends

Okay, I finally got all the wedding pictures uploaded and can share them with you. To bring everyone up to date - our niece, Megan, was married on Saturday. Megan is a lovely young woman and we are very close. I was privileged to have a role in her wedding as I did a reading. I was honored to be a part of her special day. Reagan was once again the consumate flower girl, executing her duties with ease and excitement.

The wedding took place in the evening at a ski resort in Central Pennsylvania. It was a lovely venue, held in one of the resort's lodges. Matt & Megan stood in front of the stone fireplace that was adorned with candles of various sizes. Their attendants were dressed in black and white and there wasn't an ugly one in the bunch! :) It was a touching ceremony. Megan's the last of my sister's and my kids to be married. We are blessed to have welcomed our children's spouses into our families. Each one is very special and we are grateful for them.

So, enjoy the pictures posted here and those that are on our Webshots site as well. A good time was had by all!

Before the ceremony
Taking their vows
The bride & flower girl have a moment before the wedding
Matt & Megan with my parents
The happy couple

Lindsay & Jason
Reagan and her Pop
Parents of the bride
On Sunday we went to Lee & Cheri's to spend the night with them. We are trying to get as much time together as possible before we leave in mid-September. It's not easy scheduling dates because they have several trips planned between now and then. This was probably the last overnighter, but we've got another dinner planned here at the RV in September. It's hard to believe, but in the four years we've been in the RV, Lee & Cheri have not seen it!! Well, we're going to remedy that very soon!

We got home a little before noon today and have just relaxed, enjoying being home. Dorothy had it right - there's place like home!! No matter how comfortable we are at others' homes, it's always good to get back home. We spent the afternoon watching some of the shows we record each week, uploading pictures to the internet and just vegging.

Tonight it's Olympics watching, of course! Tomorrow I'm back at Curves and I've got a dentist appointment to pick up my night guard. Other than that, not much going on here. Hope you all are doing well.

Until the next time . . .


  1. Megan! Got married! Tell her I said congratulations! Although you may need to job her memory, because I don't think I've seen her in 13 years...

  2. I'm so far behind in my blog reading. GREAT wedding pictures and what a BEAUTIFUL wedding!