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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Boys are Working - Girls are Playing . . .

And isn't that the way it should be? :) We had a great day today. Well, I had a great day, Randy had a hard day working at Jason & Lindsay's.

Jason had to re-side their shed so that it would meet their HOA requirements. This meant he had to tear off all the original siding and then apply the new siding. He asked Randy helped him. I was very impressed. I thought it would be a two day job for sure. But, the guys worked hard all day, from 10am until 6:30pm. They got the whole shed sided and now all Jason has to do is paint the doors. Good job, guys!

Of course, while they were working, Lins, Reagan and I had to find something to do. So, we went to one of the local parks. That is something this area does very well. There are several parks and they all have great playground equipment. We had a blast. Reagan just loves being outside and she really, really, really loves to swing. I think she would swing all day if someone would push her. Of course, wouldn't we all? :) She did stop swinging long enough to try out the other equipment such as the climbing wall, slides, etc.

Oh yeah. When we first pulled up to the park, we saw you have to go down steps to get to it . . . OR you can slide down the hill on one of the two slides provided. Well. You know what we did. Reagan and I took the slide down, of course. :)

There was one other contraption that Lins and I couldn't figure out how kids could use it. I didn't have any problem because I'm fairly tall, but Lins could hardly reach the top. It was a type of personal merry-go-round. Not really, but I don't know what else to call it. There's a stool on the ground that turns and over top of it is a round handle that turns as well. You stand on the stool, grabbing the handle and then just begin swiveling. It was great!! You go round and round and round as long as you can stand it. Lins took a video of me making a fool of myself. What fun!!

And if the above picture isn't enough for you, here's the link to the video:

After about an hour at the park, it was time to go home and get some lunch and settle down for Reagan's quiet time. Of course, Reagan did not want to leave the park; there were a few tears. Poor little girl - she just never gets to have any fun.

The afternoon was spent quietly. I worked on the computer while Lindsay puttered around the house and the guys continued to work outside on the shed.

Once Reagan was up from her nap, we went outside for awhile. The neighborhood kids were out and Reagan is not one to be left behind, let me tell you. Lins got Reagan's "big girl" bike out so that she could practice riding it. She did pretty well for her first time. She's got to get the pedaling down - she brakes when she means to pedal forward. But, she's getting it. Ya gotta admit, she looks pretty cute riding it!

The guys finally finished up the shed. They were ready for some dinner. After dinner, it was time for us to go home. Randy was beat, beet red, and ready for a shower and relaxation. Another day was over.

Hope you had a good day, too. Until the next time . . .

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  1. 1. Hannah would swing all day too.
    2. That video of you is HYSTERICAL!