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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yesterday's Doings & Dinner with Friends

I got so caught up with the computer yesterday I forgot to post a blog entry! For all those who sit beside their computers just waiting for my daily posts, please forgive me. I know you went to bed just devastated because you didn't know what had happened in our lives yesterday! :) So, I'll catch you up . . .

Our morning started at the lab, we both had to get follow-up blood work done because our cholesterol numbers were not so good last month. The doc actually put Randy on Lipitor because his numbers were so high. Hopefully, we passed our tests with lower numbers this time around, we'll know next week, I guess.

Then it was off to Curves for me - gotta get in at least 3 sessions a week. That's what "they" say anyway. (And who the heck are "THEY," can anyone tell me?????) After that half hour of torture, er, I mean, excitement was over, we treated ourselves to breakfast at a local diner we really like. Isn't that what you're supposed to do after blood work and exercise - eat an artery-clogging breakfast? HAH!

The rest of the day was spent in the A/C working on the computer. Well, I worked on the computer and Randy watched TV. Poor guy, he never gets much computer time, I am a computer hog. After reading all my RVer blogs, I got to planning with our itinerary for next year. Yes, I said next year. For all you full-timers out there who love to just get behind the wheel and go, don't judge me!! ;) I just cannot do that. I have to know where I'm going. Yes, it's a control thing, I know, so don't analyze me either! :)

Anyway, we've got our fall trip settled and reservations made (yes, I go that far with my planning), so I thought I'd play with Spring/Summer 2009. First, I did a timeline for the trip, you know when we'll leave and arrive along the way. It's a five month trip and I wanted to have at least 3 weeks in Kansas while we visit our son, so I needed to plot it out. Turns out we'll have a month there. YAY! Then, I figured it might be fun to add a "Things to Do & See" portion to the itinerary. Often we talk about different things to do, but then forget some of them when we get to the destinations. This way, we'll at least have a list to choose from. And I love the internet!! For each place we're going, I just googled their tourism site and got lots of choices. So much fun!! I have such a good time playing with our travel plans. I know, I know, I'm a dork.

I was excited to find out yesterday that our good friends, Darrell & Judy, will be coming through Central PA on their way to the Gypsy Journal Rally in Ohio. They will be exploring the Gettysburg area which is just 30 minutes or so from us!! Of course, Judy & I made plans to get together - there's a huge RV show in Hershey while they are here and we're gonna catch up with each other there. I can't wait to see them! We are winter neighbors at the Rainbow Plantation in Alabama and have become very close. See you soon, Darrell & Judy!

We ended our evening sitting "on the stoop" with some neighbors, Barry & Penny. It was a nice evening as the heat cooled and the humidity lessened. Just spent the time chatting and getting to know each other better. Turns out Barry & I have a six degrees of separation thing going on. We both worked at the same local Sears store during the same period, but didn't know each other. The most extraordinary thing, though, was I found out that Barry had been very active in a church that I attended when I was a young child! We started throwing out names of people and were amazed at how many of them we both knew!! RVing continues to amaze me with how small our world really is. And my mother was right - you do need to behave because you really never know who you're going to meet! I hate it when she's right!! :)

Sorry, that was a long synopsis of yesterday. But, I can't leave you hanging, now can I?? I gotta share the excitement!

Today started slowly which was nice. We actually slept until 8am! That is very late for us, I usually wake up by 6:30 or so. We had our coffee outside as the weather was very pleasant. Great way to start the day. :)

This afternoon we met friends for an early dinner (linner as some call it). Joe & Connie have been friends since Kevin's high school ice hockey years. Joe was one of Kevin's coaches. Great people. We try to get together with them each summer when we are in this area. It's always fun catching up with them.

This evening was spent sitting outside with the neighbors again. It's nice getting to know them. Barry & Penny are very excited as they just bought a new 5th wheel which will be delivered here on Tuesday. They currently have a travel trailer on their site and are looking forward to a bigger rig. It's always fun to discuss spending other people's money!! :)

That's it for now. Hope your Saturday was a good one. Until the next time . . .

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  1. If you every find "they" let "them" know I'd like to give them a piece of my mind!
    Thanks for the last comment you left me. It warmed my heart.