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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can You Spell "Lazy"?

I don't think I can even do that! :) That's how L A Z Y I was today. I didn't even get dressed!!! Now, wait a minute - before you get all kinds of visuals in your mind that you can get rid of - I mean I stayed in my muumuu all day. So, take a minute and settle down. :)

This cold I've been losing the fight with really settled in today. So, I took advantage of having absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go and sat on my butt and read, played on the computer, cross-stitched, took a nap, and ate. That was my day. Hey! I wasn't as lazy as I thought!

Randy was more industrious. He got outside and vacuumed out my folks' car as well as washed it. What a guy!

My folks were about as productive as I was. Mommy did make a good dinner for us. Thanks, Mommy!

Well, writing about everything I did today has made me tired. Guess it's time for bed. :) Until the next time . . .

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