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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Month Gone

Well, eight months of 2008 are done, over, gone forever; hard to believe. We're now just two weeks away from our travel date. When we got to the East Coast in May, it seemed like September was far away, guess not.

Today was more productive than yesterday, but just getting dressed was more than I did all day yesterday! :) Actually, Randy & I went to church with my mom and I did say that we were going to do something today, no matter what. Even as lazy as I am, I can only take so many "down" days. So, when we got home from church I told Daddy to get ready 'cause we were going somewhere!

We ended up taking a trip to WalMart so my folks could buy a microwave. Theirs died Saturday without warning. They found the microwave they wanted and we came back home to set it up. I walked out of WalMart having spent less than $30 - a miracle, I must say. That just never happens!

Once home, the microwave was set up and it was time to take a drive. Randy & I have passed a campground near my folks' a couple of times on our way here, so I wanted to see it. It's Island Resort Campground in Newark, MD. Now, we never camp when we come down here 'cause we always stay with my folks. But, I figure we might want to camp sometime, so why not check out a possible location. It was okay, fairly level graveled sites. However, it is going co-op. Sites are selling for either $75,000 (lakeside) or $60,000 (non-lakeside). Seems a mite steep for a 49 x 80 piece of real estate. I guess since it's going to be a co-op, it could be a good deal. Sites can be rented when you are not occupying them. Doesn't matter - we don't have $60,000!!! :)

We continued our drive along Route 113, just to see what we could see. The Eastern Shore of MD is pretty country. We ended our journey at the Assateague Crab House just a few miles from my folks' place. I had mentioned a couple of days ago that I couldn't remember the last time I had eaten hard-shelled crabs, so Mommy decided I needed to get some before we left. Daddy was such a good sport - he is NOT a seafood person, but went along anyway. I got my fill of crabs (my tummy is letting me know that, believe me!), Randy got broiled scallops which is a favorite of his, Mommy got a soft-shelled crab sandwich and Daddy got a cheeseburger. And then, to top it off, Daddy & Mommy treated us! Not bad, huh?

Not much planned for tomorrow. Randy wants to wash the truck - he is so happy to get his truck back! :) I'm sure Mommy and I'll find more to talk about and Daddy will, well, he'll just be Daddy. Hope you're having a great holiday weekend. If you're traveling, take your time and get where you're going safely.

Until the next time . . .

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