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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Bit Busier Today

The three of us slept pretty good last night, although Reagan did say that Pop's snoring kept waking her up. Welcome to my world. :) Actually, Reagan was the last one to get up!

Unfortunately, we couldn't laze around or play this morning as Blackie had an appointment at the vet. But, we did manage to have a good breakfast of eggs, scrapple and biscuits. Yum. We got out the door by 9:40. Not too shabby for folks not used to getting a little one ready.

Lins met us at the vet's, so we did the Reagan exchange in the parking lot. She'd had a fabulous weekend and it was great to see the smile on her face.

After Blackie got his shot and the doc said he was in good shape, we headed home with nothing else on the calendar for the rest of the day!

I spent the remainder of the day finishing my cross stitch project. I sure hope Megan likes it! I also made a casserole to take to Matt & Megan's tomorrow. In addition to a new baby in the house, their kitchen is in the midst of a major renovation. So, they are doing lots of take-out. Lins & I are going down to see them tomorrow 'cause Lins hasn't met Ryleigh yet!

Randy watched TV, walked Blackie, washed dishes, spent time on the computer and framed my project.

That's it for now. Not exciting, but productive.

Until the next time . . .

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