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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yep! Even in this wonderful, carefree lifestyle of RVing, we gots to do some chores. Well, I guess we don't HAVE to, but if we want clean clothes or a clean RV, chores are a necessary part of life. :)

So, today was laundry day for me and vacuuming/dusting day for Randy. When we are here in PA, Lindsay is generous enough to allow me to do laundry at her house. Not only is it nicer than a laundramat (by far!!!), it has the added perk of spending time with Lins and Reagan!

While I was toiling over the laundry, Randy was at home vacuuming the rig. And I mean, the whole rig. When he cleans, it takes him forever. He moves furniture, vacuums the cornices, the shades, everything! Blackie is lucky if he doesn't get vacuumed! ;)

This evening I planned to attend a Zumba class. I've heard lots about this exercise class and when my Curves club offered a free session, I wanted to take advantage of it. Well, when I arrived at the club, I found out it was cancelled! Ugh. I was disappointed, but since I was there, I did my normal Curves workout instead. At least I got some exercise in. I'm going to another class next Tuesday. We'll see how it goes!

Now it's time for evening ritual: TV and computer. :)

Until the next time . . .

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