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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

More Driving and a Sleepover

I needed a haircut and perm so I got myself back in the car and drove an hour and a half (about 70 miles) to my friend, Patty, who has been doing my hair for about 20 years. Yeah, it's a long way for a hair cut, but she is so good. I just couldn't believe I put myself back in any vehicle for that amount of time after all the time I've spent on the road the past three weeks! But, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! :)

I got back home around 2pm after getting my 'do fixed. I was beat! Randy is the one who enjoys driving – I just do it 'cause I have to.

Randy had been busy while I was gone. He mowed our lawn, washed dishes, put out the awning and generally straightened up. He is such a great guy.

We spent a couple of hours with Lins & Reagan this evening. Jason was working late, so Lins asked if we wanted to grab some dinner together. Well, never one to pass up an opportunity to spend time with her, I quickly said yes.

We went to Michael's so I could pick up some clasps to mend a necklace and a frame for the cross stitch project I've been working on. Then, we went to Isaac's, a restaurant w/a deck that you can sit on and watch the ducks and geese swim by in a pond. Reagan loves to go there to watch the ducks. We enjoyed our meal and the wildlife. :)


 While I was getting my hair done, Reagan called to ask if she could spend the night with us. The answer was yes, of course! :) So, as I write this, she has finally settled down after three or four calls. This is just one of many sleepovers, I hope! Have I mentioned how thrilled I am to be home!

Until the next time . . .


  1. So jealous. Of you and of Reagan. Well, maybe most of all of Lindsay! Ugggh, I wish my parents had their own place when they came to visit and could take the kids overnight.
    Gosh, I am selfish!

  2. Wonderful....sounds like great fun. Glad you were able to get your "do" done. I know how it is, I would drive that far too.

    Glad you are home and having fun times with your sweet family. :)

    Mike & Gerri

  3. Glad you're "Home" and getting settled in for a "long summer's nap". Grand kids make all the difference and they need their grandparents to be in their lives so this will be a good summer for y'all.

  4. Even though we live in Delaware, I still go back to the lady who has been cutting my hair for 10+ years in Columbia!