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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother’s Day Weekend

Saturday was spent waiting for a rainstorm that never came and nursing a terrible headache. So, we spent the day watching shows we'd DVR'd and vegging. The headache eased to a point where functioning didn't hurt so I worked on my cross stitch project and made hamburger taco pie for dinner. It actually turned into a fairly decent day. :)

This morning we went to church. Man, what a change! :) We went from our small, intimate church in Alabama to the large contemporary church here. Both are great and serve us in different ways. I do enjoy worshipping with my kids, I'll say that.

After church, we went to a Japanese restaurant. Lindsay has found she loves sushi (nothing raw, though) and wanted that for dinner. I didn't care what we did, I was just happy to be spending time with the kids.

From dinner, the plan had been to go to the York City Street Fair. The weather really wasn't cooperating, though – it was very chilly and windy. So, we went back to Jason & Lindsay's house to decide what we were going to do. And we didn't come up with anything. Finally, we decided to just bundle up and hit the street fair.

The streets were lined with vendors selling just about anything you can think of, street musicians, food vendors, and even belly dancers! We strolled along and just enjoyed the atmosphere. Reagan was a real trooper, keeping up pretty well. All in all, I'm glad we went.

York Street Fair P1110528

Jason, Lindsay & Reagan grab a snackTime for a snack! P1110535 Lins & Reagan P1110517

A good day – Kevin checked in via Skype; talked with my mom; texted with others in the family and touched base with Ginny via Facebook. Mother's Day 2010 can be labeled a success.

Until the next time . . .

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  1. Glad you had a great Mother's Day!! :)

    Mike & Gerri