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Friday, May 07, 2010

An Early Mother’s Day Celebration

Yesterday wasn't exciting, so I didn't post. I know, most of our days aren't exciting, but yesterday was just a day of laundry and truck washing. That was it. So, I figured y'all could live without hearing about that! :)

Now, today is another story.

I started my day out at Curves once again. I've gotten myself there three times this week – yay! I feel like I'm starting over after being out of it for three weeks, but I'm persevering. I'm sure the doc will tell me to persevere harder when I see her next week!

But, the exciting part is that I was invited to attend the Mother's Day Brunch at Reagan's preschool. I was so touched that Lindsay asked if I could be included. My daughter is such a thoughtful person and I am grateful to be her mom. Anyway, each year the preschool hosts a brunch for the moms, complete with hats and food made by the kids, as well as handmade presents, a song sung by each group and individual video “shoutouts” by the kids to their moms. It is a wonderful event.

Pretty table setting Mother & daughter Place setting Three generations

 Reagan didn't know I was coming – Lindsay kept that as a surprise. As Reagan's class filed in to sing, Lindsay heard Reagan say, “Oh! There's Nana!” So, the surprise was a success, Reagan was very happy to see me. And, of course, I was thrilled to be there.

We had a lovely brunch of egg & bacon casserole, fruit salad, and chocolate covered cream puffs. Reagan's class made the cream puffs and she was very proud of them. She had told Lins about them prior to the brunch: “We made munchkins and dipped them in chocolate.” :)

After the event was over, our girls' day out continued with lunch at Olive Garden. Reagan loves their soup and salad and had told me while we were still in Alabama that she wanted us to go with her. So, we figured this was a perfect time. Pop (Randy) wasn't pleased we were going without him, but I promised him we'd take him another time.

After a good lunch, we made our last stop at the mall. I got my ears pierced with a second hole in each ear. I had done this years ago, but allowed them to close. I find myself wearing lots of dangly earrings now so I wanted to be able to wear studs as well as the danglys.

While I was out gallivanting, Randy was home relaxing. He has worked hard all week and his knees are really hurting. He was going to vacuum the rig today, but I encouraged him to take a do-nothing day. And he did! When I got home, he was napping and slept for a couple of hours. Good for him!

This evening we had grilled pork chops, parmesan noodles and green beans for dinner. Yummy. Now, we're just chillin'. The weather is supposed to turn chilly and rainy tomorrow, so it looks like a nice stay-at-home, do-nothing day tomorrow, too! :) Maybe I'll get that cross stitch finished . . .

Until the next time . . .


  1. Looks like a great Mother's Day Brunch. Boy did that bring back memories (as a teacher). Love the hats!!
    Love the picture of all three of you...that one needs to be framed.

    Mike & Gerri

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to wrapped with lots of love!