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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Busy Few Days

Sunday started out with a great time of worship and teaching at Daybreak Church. Our friends, Lee & Cheri attend this church and we've always enjoyed visiting there. This may be our church home while we are in PA; just not sure yet. Nothing like good worship music and good teaching to start the week!

The afternoon and evening was spent with Jason, Lindsay & Reagan. It is so good to be back home with them. I feel so blessed to actually LIKE my kids! And I think the feeling is mutual, which makes it even better. :) We were even entertained by Jason and his buddies with a lawn mower race. Gosh, free entertainment and family, what more can you ask for?

Monday was appointment day for all three of us – including Blackie. Both Blackie and I got groomed. :)

And Randy had an endodontist appointment. Fun. Lindsay, Reagan and I headed down to Columbia for our haircuts, after which we hooked up with Sara for a few minutes just to say hey and get a hug since I hadn't seen her since before Christmas. Then, it was back to PA so that Randy & I could get ready to go out to dinner to celebrate Lee & Cheri's daughter, Courtney's 21st birthday. We just love Courtney like she's ours. We've known her since she was five years old. And Lee and Cheri are two of our closest friends, so it was a privilege to share this special day with them

Being that she was born on Cinqo de Mayo, Courtney wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant. Well, that was interesting . . . the place was packed, of course. We didn't get seated until after 8pm and then it was so loud in the restaurant we really couldn't have much conversation. Very different than what we are used to anymore. (Guess we really are getting to be old fogies!) But, it was want Courtney wanted and it was her birthday, so that's what we did. After all, you're only 21 once!

This morning was started with another appointment, but this was Blackie's. Poor guy, groomed yesterday (which he hates) and a vet appointment today. It's just not his week. :) Anyway, his allergies have been driving him, and us, crazy. He is itching constantly and has dug himself raw in some places. So, it was off to the vet. Good grief!! This dog is more expensive than we are!! Between the office visit, a cortizone shot, antibiotics and his normal heart guard and flea/tick meds, I walked out over $200 poorer. Oh, well. He's a good dog and doesn't cost us much any other time, so whaddya gonna do.

This afternoon, I get to go with Sara and Lindsay to pick up Sara's wedding gown from the alterations shop. I'm so grateful that Sara wants to include me on so much of the wedding plans. As mom of the groom, I know that this isn't always the case and I love that Sara cares about me that much. Can't wait to see her in it. She is such a beautiful girl and I know she will be a gorgeous bride.

The rest of the week seems to be pretty quiet. That's good, I'm ready to hang out at the campground and just relax. We do have to get the rims on the RV replaced and Randy's working on that. But, that's about it.

This is a field near our campground. Randy says all of that yellow is probably ragweed, but I still think it's pretty so I took a picture!

Hope your world is a happy place. Mine sure is!

Until the next time . . .

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