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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Reunion and A Good-bye

Gosh, we woke up to SUNSHINE this morning! Yes, really, we did. I couldn't believe it when I came downstairs (yes, we have stairs!) and needed sunglasses! And, although it was just 44 degrees outside, it was beautiful and crisp. Our walk this morning was very refreshing. I guess you really don't appreciate the sun without the rain, huh?

This afternoon Randy and I went to the viewing of a close family friend. Glenn lost his four and a half year battle with cancer last week. He and Shirley have been friends of my parents for my entire life. They were “family” and I grew up with their kids. It's sad to have a reunion when it means we're saying good-bye to one of us. Watching my parents talking to friends, some of whom have already lost a spouse, was a little tough. But hearing them reminisce, sharing stories of the early days and laughing was a gift. Watching Glenn's wife, Shirley, and their kids and grandkids meeting and greeting visitors brought home to me that Paula and I will have to go through this ritual some day. Not too soon, hopefully, but inevitably, we will be standing in a room and making the small talk that is done at these gatherings. I only hope that we can do it with the same dignity and yes, humor, that Glenn and Shirley's family did today.

Until the next time . . .

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