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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Good Weather Left Us

Last night the rain came; we even had thunder! It's been so long since I heard thunder I asked Randy if that's what it was. At least the rain held off until the weekend was over. I always feel bad for the weekenders when it rains. I remember looking so forward to getting away and camping for a weekend and then the weather's bad. Such a bummer. So, I was glad for them.

This morning we woke to no rain, but LOTS of humidity. UGH! You know that feeling when the air is so thick, you feel like you can walk through it? Well, that's how it felt this morning. But, I persevered and went to Curves. Gosh, I make it sound like there was any doubt I'd go – I paid my money, I'm going! ;) However, I think my muscles are mad at me. I'm hurting now, so those machines weren't so much fun today. Oh, well, there's that worn out saying, “no pain, no gain.” I never really understood that saying. I've gained LOTS with very little pain. That's why I now go to Curves!!

Late this afternoon we went to Lindsay's house for dinner and to give her some adults to talk to. Jason left this morning for Florida and won't be back for a few days so Lins asked us to come over. Of course, I never turn down an opportunity to spend time with Lins or Reagan! We had a nice visit, although Reagan was running a fever, but that didn't stop her from playing. What a fun kid!

Had a bit of a thunderstorm on the way home from Lindsay's, but it was short-lived. The rain cooled things down a little and it's not quite as humid. The rain is supposed to continue off and on through the night. At least it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow, but much much cooler – only in the 60s. I'll take it, though!

Hope you had a good day. Until the next time . . .

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