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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Wow! The sun is really shining this morning! Usually I would have the blinds wide open and just loving the sun pouring in the windows. Unfortunately, I woke up with an ugly headache this morning, so I'm walking around the RV with my sunglasses on. I did force myself to go out with Randy and Blackie on their morning walk. Not my typical 30 minute walk, but better than nothing. Plus, I figure with Lins & Reagan coming over sometime today, I'll get my walking in.

Randy is going to put out the awning today and put up the screen room this weekend. YAY! I love our screen room. It makes our site look so much homier than without it. Plus, I can sit out without getting all buggy – I hate those flying no-see-ums and mosquitoes.

Lindsay & Reagan came over about 10:30 and that little girl was ready to play! As soon as she got out of the van, it was, “let's go feed the ducks, Nana.” So, of course, that's just what we did. Reagan is a pro at feeding them. And she wasn't afraid of them at all; so fearless, in fact, that her mommy got a little nervous 'cause she'd get so close. Then we went up to the playground, that was a hit. There's an airplane teeter-totter ride that is great. And that was the ride of choice, with Nana providing the “fuel” for the plane. :) After coaxing Reagan off the playground (no easy feat, I'll tell you) we checked out the camp store, met Miss LeAnn, and then it was back to that airplane. We had to bribe her with feeding the ducks some more to get her off of it!!

Back at the RV, Pop had gotten the awning up and was hanging our lights. It was time for lunch so we ate and then went down the lane to check out the momma duck hidden in a neighboring site's flower garden. She is brown just like the mulch, so we had to peer very closely for Reagan to find her. But, we didn't get too close because we didn't want to make momma duck mad! After Reagan found her, it was time for Lins & Reagan to leave – it was getting close to naptime. But, the whole family is coming back tomorrow for a carnival the campground is hosting!

Once the kids left, I got my book, my water, and settled outside in the sunshine! I got my fix, finally, of outside-sitting. :) It is an absolutely gorgeous day; a little chilly when the breeze picks up, but other than that, just perfect (or “perfeck” at Reagan would say). Randy and I sat outside and just grinned at each other. We are so content with our lives and are grateful to feel that way.

We met Lee & Debbie, a couple who have a seasonal site here in the campground. They seem very nice and we look forward to getting to know them better. The evening ended with a new dish for dinner, chicken & noodle casserole. It's a keeper; Randy even loved it. Now, I know he eats everything, but often chicken dishes are not his favorite. But we both agreed this is a good meal.

Looking forward to the carnival here at the campground tomorrow. Then, it's down to Columbia to celebrate Kate's 7th birthday. Gonna be a busy day.

Until the next time . . .

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