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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Interviewing a Doctor

The rain seems to be gone for awhile, at least. Woke up to sunny skies, but a very cool breeze blowing. Took my walk – am doing a new route. I used to just walk up to the camp store and back which was about a mile round trip. Then another camper told me she goes around the back of the campground and then comes into the campground from the road. I tried it on Monday since I wasn't going to Curves and it's a pretty good walk. It takes me about 35 minutes to walk it and it's a good cardio workout! There are a couple of hills and it's got to be more than mile. So, I was a good girl and got out there this morning and did it again. Can't say I enjoy it, but at least I'm exercising.

This afternoon we had an interview with a local doctor. We want to get all of our doctors up here in the York area because it is the place we spend the most time and will probably end up living when/if we get off the road. We've already found a dentist, now it was time to find a G.P. Her name is Julie Nickles and we really liked her. She's in practice by herself which means we know which doctor we'll get when we call and she is very spunky. She doesn't like all the medical politics doctors think they have to play nowadays with insurance companies and referrals and she said she will fight with insurance companies to get her patients the care they need. So, we've got our physicals scheduled. Another thing off the “to do” list. :)

After the doctor's visit, we went to the park with Lindsay & Reagan. It turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun is very warm and the breeze is just enough to keep it from getting hot. Perfect weather for the park! I just love watching Reagan play and use her imagination. It amazes me to see her in action.

Randy's grilling pork chops for dinner and then it'll be a quiet evening as usual. Just can't beat this life! Until the next time . . .

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