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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Birthday Boy and Bouncing Babies

Well, really only one baby and no bouncing, but I kind of liked the alliterative title. :)

Today is Randy's 59th birthday. Gosh it's hard to believe he's that age. Seems like just yesterday we were dating and finding out how much we enjoyed one another's company. Now, we've been married for more than 22 years and together for over 24. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And, he's still my Tom Selleck! (old family joke)

We didn't have much planned for today. I went to Curves this morning. Then we hung out at the RV until it was time to go to Jason & Lindsay's to watch Reagan. They had planned to go to the York Wine Festival but the weather did not cooperate at all! We had a heck of a thunderstorm this morning; there was lightning and thunder so loud and close it made me jump. Looked like the rain was going to stick around for most of the day. Anyway, the kids planned on doing something so we headed over about 11:30.

Jason & Lins were going out with neighbors, Mike & Stacey. They have four kids, the youngest is Paige, who is about 10 months old. They had asked if we would watch Paige while the other kids went to a different neighbor's to play. Of course we said yes. And then, their oldest, Alyssa, decided she wanted to stay with us, too. That made babysitting real easy, 'cause Alyssa is almost 11 and she is phenomenal with the kids. I almost felt like we had nothing to do. :) We had a good afternoon, both Reagan and Paige took naps and Alyssa played with them, too. Paige really like Randy and he spent a lot of time with her.

Got some cute pictures of the girls together.

And Hannah Montana made an appearance:

The big kids got home around 7pm; they ended up at a local winery and seemed to have had a good time. We stayed for a little while longer, but then it was time for us to scoot home. So much for a rousing birthday, but Randy seems okay. He got a sub for dinner and that was what he wanted. So easy to please.

The rain has stopped and it seems like we're in for a good streak of fair weather. I can handle that. Take care of each other.

Until the next time . . .

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