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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Carnival & a Birthday Celebration

Gosh, we woke to another morning full of sunshine. I'm getting used to this – hope it doesn't end too soon. Went to Curves for my third session of the week. Starting to feel some muscles that have been dormant for quite a long time! :) Starting to lose some weight – YAY! Now I just have to take some ibuprofen. ;)

Our campground held a short Memorial Day ceremony this morning. It was very touching. One of the owner, Greg's, dad, spoke on the importance of remembering our veterans and active military every day and not just once a year on a specific day. There was a color guard and presentation of the flag as well as some music. It was nice to stop and take part in a ceremony like this; especially now that we have a Soldier in the family.

Jason , Lindsay & Reagan came over for lunch and the campground carnival. We had lunch outside at the picnic table which was a nice change. Then we went showed Jason the ducks and went up to the campstore area where the carnival was being held. The carnival was very small but it had two bounce houses which was what Reagan was interested in! Of course we had to play at the playground; that airplane was still a big attraction! We came back to the campsite and just relaxed for awhile. The kids stayed much longer than I expected and that was so nice. Jason even entertained us with the dos and don'ts of laying in a hammock!

This evening we went down to Columbia to celebrate Kate's 7th birthday. We got there earlier than everyone else so that we could spend some time with James, Amita, Kelly & Kate. We had not seen them since Christmas. Well, they did come to my birthday party last weekend, but I didn't get to talk with them much. Kate was very excited about her birthday, of course. Later in the evening her cousins and another family came to celebrate as well. It was good to spend time with them. I hope the girls can come out and spend the night with us this summer. They are very precious to us.

Such a busy day. And we got to spend it with special people. The rest of the weekend looks to be rather quiet in comparison. Sounds pretty good, actually.

Until the next time . . .

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