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Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's June Already!?!?!?!???

It's hard to believe we've been home for a month already. However, at the same time, the days are going slowly as I look forward to the end of June with our son, Kevin, will be home from Korea. He is due to come home around the 26th or 27th and it seems like that is forever! I know, I know, time can't fly by and stand still at the same time, but it sure feels that way to me.

We started the month in a good place. Went to church and joined with our fellow worshipers in the Lord's Supper. This act means so much to me; it never fails to bring me to tears. Daily, I thank God for my salvation, but during the Lord's Supper I feel that gratitude so much more keenly. The sacrifice that Jesus made for me (and you) was so great, but He never hesitated. God is truly amazing. I hope that you know Him, too.

After church, Lins called and asked if we wanted to go to a local mall with them. Well, I never pass up an opportunity to spend time with them, so the answer was a resounding yes. After grabbing a quick lunch at home, letting Blackie out for a walk, we headed over to their house.

The mall we went to has a Bass Pro Shop. It is such a great store even if you're not a sports nut. It's like going to a zoo! This one has an aquarium which fascinated Reagan. She just stood and stared at the different fish, getting excited as they swam toward her. It is great to watch “normal” things through a child's eye. Everything is new and exciting! Of course we also had to go to all of the stuffed animals throughout the store. I even got Reagan to pose with some bear cubs. :)

We walked through the mall just to see if there were any new and/or different stores than usual (there weren't), and we found a play area. Of course, we stopped. Then, it was back through the mall and out the door so we could find some place to go for dinner. But, before we go to the van, we found some four wheelin' vehicles outside of Bass Pro. Great photo ops! ;)

We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant. The food was pretty good. Reagan sure enjoyed the chips and salsa. What a kid! Then it was back to Jason & Lins' house to pick up the truck and head home.

The evening ends with a walk for Blackie and TV for us. There's a new show on USA - “In Plain Sight.” It's about agents assigned to the Witness Protection Program. Hope it's as good as the teasers make it out to be!

Hope you had a good weekend. We sure did. Until the next time . . .

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