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Saturday, June 21, 2008


Today we celebrated Marty's graduation and his enlistment in the Army. You may remember that we attended Marty's high school graduation a couple of weeks ago. Marty is Lee & Cheri's son and we are close to him. So, we headed up to their house around noon so we could help them set up for the cookout. They were expecting some of their friends, Marty's friends and some of Marty's teachers to stop by at some point during the afternoon.

It's so interesting to watch these young men as they pass from childhood into “adulthood.” Or what they think is adulthood. Marty and Kevin are very much alike and I was often reminded of Kevin as I watched Marty today. Being eighteen is an odd age as the world tells you that you're an adult now, but too often you still feel like a kid. It's hard on parents, too, because these “adults” are usually still dependent on them, but desperately want to stand on their own. Often I wish the government had kept the age of majority at 21 for everything because it would have made life a little easier.

We've known Marty since he was 2 years old. Lee & Cheri came to our church in Columbia, MD at that time and we became friends through serving together in different ministries. Over the years we became even closer; more like family. Their kids are like a niece and nephew to us. We are always included in the special events of their lives and love that. It's great to see Marty growing into the man his parents have prayed he'd become.

Marty will be leaving by the end of this month for Fort Knox in Kentucky for Basic Training in the U.S. Army. He will be in the Calvary and then after Basic Training, he will go to Fort Benning in Georgia to attend Airborne School. Another young man volunteering to serve our country. Thank God for these wonderful young people.

I took pictures, but unfortunately, left my USB cable home and we are spending the night at Lee & Cheri's. I'll have to share some pictures tomorrow.

It is such a great blessing and privilege to share in your friends' accomplishments (or their children's). We appreciate being a part of this special day in the life of the Fortenberry family.

Until the next time . . .

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