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Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who read our blog. Too often Mother's Day gets all the hype and glory. But, what would we do without our dads?

I am fortunate to still have my dad with me. He has been a great dad and I hope that I have made him proud. He was a brave man – at the age of 35 he married my mom and inherited a ready-made family with two daughters. He has never once shared any regrets even though I know my sister and I have given him cause to wonder what the heck he was thinking. :) But, blood doesn't make a family; love does. And I have never felt anything but unconditional love from Daddy. I've disappointed him, pissed him off and made him smile. He has loved me through all of it.

One of my best memories from childhood, one that gives me that very warm feeling inside is of Daddy and me going for the Christmas tree. It was our job to go to the Christmas tree lot and pick out the best one. I loved that it was just Daddy and me. I got to pick out the tree (with a little guidance, I'm sure) and we'd bring it home for Mommy and Paula to ooh and aah over. And it was always the perfect tree. Really, it was.

Thanks, Daddy, for showing me what a man should be and how he is supposed to love his wife and his kids. Because of you and Mommy, I've been able to make a great life with Randy and my kids. And, I knew when I didn't have it right the first time around. Parents don't just teach you how to be a parent, they teach you how to be a spouse and a family. I got blessed with the “teachers' God gave me.

I hope and pray that each of you are able to think of at least one fond memory of life with your dad. If not, I'm truly sorry for that. But, there is a Father in heaven who would love to be your daddy. Talk to Him, he'll love you for you and not ask anything in return. Just like my dad does. I'm lucky to have them both.

Until the next time . . .

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