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Thursday, June 19, 2008

It's Only Money, Right???

It was dentist appointment day for both of us. We really like our new dentist, Dr. Shapiro. He has a small practice in Dover, PA and everyone in the office is so pleasant. Dr. Shapiro even does some of the cleanings himself! Both times we've been to him, he's done my exam and cleaning. And there's no fuss, no waiting. I had a 9:20 appointment and was out of there by 9:40. Can't beat that! Randy & I must have been good this past 6 months 'cause neither of us have cavities. But, Randy does need to have a tooth extracted 'cause it's beyond help. Oh, well. At least it's a back tooth, he'll never miss it! ;) And I need to get a new mouthguard 'cause mine is almost cracked clear through. Keep on grinding!!

Next stop was Byers' Tires. Randy wanted to get their opinion on whether we really needed new tires on the truck right now or if we could wait until next year. He likes these guys; it's the same place we got the tires for the RV in May. After inspecting the tires, the fellow said that we could wait to replace them, however if we were going to do any long distance hauling, then he'd recommend that we replace them now. Well, that's all Randy needed to hear. We could wait and find someplace in Alabama to purchase the tires, but we both figured why do that. Randy likes these guys, they did good work on the RV and peace of mind is worth everything. Plus, Byers' quoted us the most inexpensive cost! So, Monday we'll have six new tires on the truck. Isn't that special?!?!!!! :)

Quite an expensive morning – dentist appointments and tires. Hence, the title of this post. :) But, gotta be grateful that we have the money. Could be worse; could be on the credit card!! YUCK.

Then, it was on to Lindsay's to do laundry. It felt a little weird coming into their home without them being home. Don't know if I've mentioned it, but they went away for a week, combining business with pleasure. Jason has a few stores in the Pittsburgh area and he needed to get out to them. And they have good friends in Columbus, OH who they haven't seen for over a year, I think. So, they decided that Lins & Reagan would go with Jason to Pittsburgh and play around while he worked for a couple of days, then they would head on to Columbus for the weekend. Quite a good plan, I'd say. Haven't talked to Lins yet today, but I am wondering how Reagan did sleeping last night in the same room as Lins & Jason. Could be interesting.

I do know that I am missing them already. Isn't that silly? I'm away from them seven to eight months out of the year and I'm missing them after only a couple of days. Guess it really is mind over matter. :)

After laundry was done, it was time to do a few errands. I had to buy some colored embroidery hoops to use as frames for the princess cross-stitch projects I did for Reagan. Michael's had three that I could use. Then, to the mall to pick up some new shorts for Randy and to the AT&T store to get some new phones and change the coverage we have. Got all that done and headed for home. Whew! We packed a lot in to this day!

I did talk to Lins and she said they're doing good. I hope they have a great time in Columbus. I know they're really looking forward to seeing their friends, Tom & Cheryl and family.

Another night of So You Think You Can Dance, so Randy will be up in the bedroom again, watching anything else. :) Tomorrow we'll be attending a memorial service for Mary Link and then having dinner with my good friend, Tricia.

Hope your day went well. Until the next time . . .

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  1. So are you in MD?

    Parents are here until first week of July! Hannah has gotten SO. BIG! She's a tween now! Not just a little girl. (sigh)