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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Time with Friends

Gosh, another hot, humid day. Feels more like August than June. I am grateful for air conditioning, I can tell you that.

We went to church this morning. First time we went to Daybreak without Lee & Cheri being there. Felt a little odd, but it was okay. Pastor Joel has started a series of messages out of the Old Testament, using various people to make his points. Today's sermon was from the life of Abraham. That's the cool thing about Scripture; you can read or study the same passage over and over again and still learn something. Very cool.

After church, we headed over to Lee & Cheri's house. First, though, we had to get fuel. UGH! I was not looking forward to that. But, I had gone online and looked at the Flying J Truck Stop that's near them and found their diesel was $4.69.9/gallon which is 20 cents cheaper than we paid a couple of weeks ago. So sad that I'm excited about $4.69 a gallon. When we got there, though, it was $4.71/gallon; still much cheaper than other places. Gotta be grateful for the little things.

Lee & Cheri weren't at church this morning because various family members were leaving this morning from being here for Marty's graduation. Lee was out with his parents and Cheri & Courtney took Cheri's mom to the airport in Philadelphia. They were pretty glad to have their house back to themselves after all that family. I guess when you are used to being on your own, it's tough to be surrounded like they were this weekend. All of their family live out of town – way out of town. Cheri's sister lives in TN; her mom is in FL and Lee's family is in GA.

So, we went over to help them relax. :) It's always great to be with Lee & Cheri. They are family to us and it's very comfortable at their home. We had good leftovers for lunch and then started watching Ocean's 13. That was not as good as the previous two movies. So, Cheri, Lee & I got in the pool. It was perfect! Cool enough to be refreshing, but warm enough that you didn't go into convulsions getting into the water. :) Randy didn't join us because he is not a pool person. :) He enjoyed himself inside watching another movie.

Too soon, it was time for us to go. But, we see them often now that we're going to church with them and they are also hosting a graduation party for Marty in a couple of weeks. We had to scoot home to Lindsay's to pick up Blackie. He spent the night with them so that we could be gone for the day without worrying about him. Once I got a little Reagan time in, we headed home. Randy noticed we got home almost 12 hours exactly from when we left this morning. Long day, but good.

Tomorrow we're heading down to Columbia to help Sara pick up some furniture she's purchased off of Craig's List.

Until the next time . . .

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