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Friday, June 06, 2008

Satellite Free Zone

We are officially satellite free as far as internet access goes. Randy & I both were a little sad because the satellite system has worked great for us for the last several years. But, after spending close to 2 hours on the phone today with the HughesNet technical support team, we decided to cancel our service with them.

The technical support team was struggling to figure out our modem wasn't working. Finally, they decided we needed to be pointed at a different satellite and that a technician would have to come out to our location – in South Dakota! Well, that brought up a whole bag of worms. I had to tell them we were not in South Dakota and that our satellite is on a tripod. As soon as I said that we traveled and moved the system often, I was told that they couldn't help us because they couldn't guarantee satellite access because every time we moved we could potentially need to point to a different satellite. I tried to tell him that we've moved often and have never had a problem until this new modem, and the response was that we had been lucky. So, we canceled our service.

Fortunately, we already have an AT&T wireless air card. The negative of the air card has been that I cannot upload pictures to our blog. Don't know why, but I haven't been able to do that. So, our son-in-law, Jason, used to work for AT&T Wireless and it has always bugged him that we've had this problem. Today he researched it further and found another program that works with the air card and set us up with that. I got home and installed that program and it worked! I am so excited. I was able to upload a picture to the blog with no problem. YAY! Now, we just have to be in places where we get cell reception. That's usually not a problem. If we're not, then we just enjoy a little freedom from technology for a few days. :)

Other parts of the day were much more enjoyable. We began the day with breakfast at Bob Evans with Jason, Lindsay & Reagan. This weekend is Street Rod Week here and there were a few of those vehicles in the parking lot. Reagan LOVES these cars. It's so funny. She and her daddy had to go around the parking lot and check out each of the cars. And, yes, it was her idea, not Jason's! Apparently, this is one of their “things.” Later in the day they went to the car show at the local fairgrounds. Reagan loved it.

Tonight we went to Lee & Cheri's son, Marty's, high school graduation. It was great to be part of Marty's big day. The last couple of years have been a bit of a roller coaster for Lee, Cheri & Marty as Marty has struggled to find his way. But, he has joined the Army and will report to Fort Knox, KY later this month. We are very proud of you, Marty!

Oh, and remember that momma duck that was sitting on her nest down the lane from us? Well, the eggs have hatched and I think I caught momma and babies swimming in the lake!

Looking forward to the weekend! Until the next time . . .

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