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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We are Tired Tonight!

Okay, there's a reason that 50 year olds are not supposed to have babies!! Apologies to any older moms out there, but this 50 year old is tired tonight. Chasing after an almost 3 year old is exhausting!

We had a good night's sleep, though, thank God! Reagan did great last night and I was so grateful! There was no angst at going to bed and she did wonderfully with the abbreviated bedtime routine. She is such a good little girl. There was just one “uh oh” when she called me in the middle of the night – she had slipped off the bed! I can't say she fell because she was so matter of fact about it. She just said, “I fell off da bed, Nana.” I asked if she was okay, she said yes as she climbed back into the bed and proceeded to hunker down to go back to sleep. What a trooper!

The rest of the day was fairly laid back in that we didn't do much except whatever Reagan wanted. :) A couple of times I had to beg off playing to catch my breath, but then Pop took over. Reagan plays well by herself at home, but I guess when you've got two people at your beck and call, you take advantage of that! ;) She and I went up to the playground for about an hour and also played in her imaginary world quite a bit. For being just shy of three years old, she's got an amazing imagination.

After lunch, we packed up and headed back to Reagan's house for naptime. We figured she would get a better nap if she were in her own bed. That turned out to be a great idea because she took a 2 hour and 45 minute nap!!! Woo HOO!! That gave Randy and me down time and we both got naps, too.

Once Jason & Lindsay got home, things were back to normal. Reagan was very happy to see her mommy and daddy, but I think she had a good experience spending the night at Pop and Nana's and will, hopefully, come back again. We'll be rested up by then!!

Tomorrow's Curves and laundry. Randy's taking the truck in for an oil change. That's it for tomorrow, I think. You never know, though!

Until the next time . . .

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