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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Beginning of a Busy Month

Well, I missed another day of posting an entry. So sorry to those of you who sit by your computers and wait for those pearls of wisdom that flow from my fingers!

Yesterday wasn't a busy day, but Sara, our soon-to-be daughter-in-law came to spend the night with us and the time got away from. We had bought a Garmin Nuvi GPS for them and she wanted to hang out and play with it, getting us to help her program some addresses and such. We had a good night together. Again, I was struck by how blessed we are to have her in the family. She is going to be a wonderful wife for Kevin.

Today was even busier than usual for the first of the month. We had several errands we had to run. I started the morning at Curves, as usual, and rushed home to get a shower to get back out the door for those errands. We said good-bye to Sara and off we all went.

First stop was the doctor's office for me. We are overdue for our annual physicals because we are in the process of changing all of our doctors to the Dover, PA area. Randy went yesterday and today was my turn. At first glance, everything seems to be okay, but of course, we have to have the requisite lab tests and those will have to wait until after the wedding. It was found that both of our blood pressures are high, so we have been put on blood pressure medication and will go back in three weeks to see if it's helping. Guess we are officially old – we're on blood pressure medication!!!

Next, we grabbed a quick lunch on our way to the bank. We handle most of our financial issues online, but on the first of each month (or very close to it), we head to the bank to get our cash for the month. We've found, since there isn't always a bank close by, it's easier to have cash on hands for various purchases.

After the bank, we headed to Kohl's and Target. We had to buy Randy a pair of pants and shirt for the wedding and also a couple of birthday gifts for Kelly, our “adopted” granddaughter. Those purchases made, we had to stop at a local RV dealership to pick up a surge protector we had ordered last week.

Our last stop was WalMart to get those prescriptions filled. Aaaahhhh, finally, the errands were done.

We headed over to Lindsay's because we were going to have dinner together 'cause we're all going separate ways over the weekend. They are off to the Eastern Shore for their annual weekend away with Jason's sisters' families and mom. We are going to my folks' for a couple of days as my mom is having another heart cath done on Thursday. She is having some chest pains and shortness of breath and, unfortunately, the only way to find out if there's anything going on is to have a cath done. Hopefully, it is something simple and easy to treat and she'll be home on Friday morning.

That's it for now. If you think of us over the next few days, please pray for my mom.

Here are a few cute pictures of Reagan to make you smile. At least, I hope they do 'cause I sure think she's cute!

Great G'ma and Reagan talking (I love this one!)

Enjoying her ice cream!

Until the next time . . .

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