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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kids' Fishing Derby

We had such a fun day today. The campground held its annual Kids' Fishing Derby, complete with live worms, prizes and lunch. For two hours this morning, kids of all ages ringed the lake hoping for “the big one.” Every few minutes you'd hear the walkie talkies used by the various judges squawk with the length and type of fish a child had caught. It was pretty cool.

Reagan used her Disney Princess fishing pole she had gotten while on vacation a couple of weeks ago. After a couple of casts, she caught a fish! We were all so excited – the adults more than Reagan, I think. One of the judges came by to measure her fish and announced she had caught a 7 inch blue gill. It was a pretty one, too. Since the lake is catch and release only, we put him back in the water to hopefully catch him again. Alas, that was not to be. Despite Jason's constant hooking of worms, Reagan only managed to feed the fish, not catch any. Even her mommy tried, but to no avail.

Catching a fish

Easy fishing

The family that fishes together . . .

An hour was all Reagan could take of this fun. :) So, we packed up and spent the next hour or so back at the RV getting cooled off. This is the hottest day of the summer!! Around noon we headed back out to participate in the lunch and presentation of prizes. You know, a meal is always good when you don't have to prepare it. We had hot dogs, macaroni salad, mac & cheese, BBQ, all of the essentials for a good picnic. And there was no charge!

The kids were finally assembled and trophies, medals and prizes were given out. Every child got some kind of prize. That was pretty cool. When their numbers were called, the kids were able to pick from a horde of prizes. They could pick anything they wanted; Reagan picked sidewalk chalk! Lins couldn't believe it 'cause Reagan has a bunch of sidewalk chalk already, but that's what she wanted. She passed by everything else to pick that.

We were all bushed by this time. It was hot, hot, hot!! So, we walked back to the RV and Jason, Lins & Reagan went home. Probably to nap, at least I know that's where Reagan was going. Randy & me, too! It was such a fun day, though. Making memories with the kids and grandkids. How cool is that. Maybe next year Chuck, Ginny & Tommy can join us, too.

Hope your Saturday was a good one. Until the next time . . .

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  1. Linds9:22 PM

    Thanks again for keeping Reagan last night! She had a blast. Today was fun, too. And yes, we all came home and took naps!! Reagan slept for 3 hours!