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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Trip to The OC (Ocean City, MD that is)

Randy and I drove down to my folks' this morning so that I could go with them to the hospital tomorrow for my mom's heart cath. She's been having some chest pains and shortness of breath, so it's off to the hospital to see if there's anything going on that shouldn't be.

What should have been a nice ride turned into the trip from you-know-where! We left home a little after 10am. We were taking a different route than usual, just for fun. Part of the plan was to stop for a late breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Downingtown, PA, so we could add number 53 to the list. This new route called for us to travel east on Route 30 where we would turn south in Downingtown. OMG!! Seventy miles later, we had travel TWO HOURS to get to Downingtown!! Yes, you read that right – two hours. UGH!! It wasn't a horrible two hours, just didn't expect it. Plus, that turned out to be the best part of the trip!

After breakfast, we figured it would take us about three more hours to get to my folks; at least that's what the GPS said. WRONG! We turned south and headed to Delaware. That state needs to enact state income tax or get some money from somewhere 'cause their roads are horrible!! My apologies to any Delawarians, but good grief. We were on US Route 13 and 113 and between the bad roads, ignorant people and lights every other block, it took forever to get down the road.

Then, we ran into dead stop traffic. By that time it was after 4pm (remember, we left home around 10am and had breakfast a little after noon) and the sun was pouring in my window, I had a major headache and I was MEAN! Hard as that is to believe, it's true. :) I am grateful for the GPS, though, 'cause I was able to find us a side road around the traffic jam. Turns out it was road work that had caused the trouble. Once we got past that, we started eating up the miles. Thank God!

We finally pulled up to my folks' house a little after 5pm. Man, I was wiped out and I wasn't even driving. Poor Randy, he is such a trooper. I am so blessed to have that guy as my husband. He put up with traffic, poor drivers and a crazy woman in the passenger seat of his truck. If his crown isn't infested (encrusted?) with jewels, I don't know whose will be. :)

Anyway, after getting all our stuff inside, getting some drugs for my headache and settling Blackie, my folks took us out to dinner at Applebee's. That was so nice. They are so good to us.

It's now 10:30pm and I'm about to hit the bed. Gotta be up at 5am, so I can be ready to go by 5:45. Lovely. Hey, if you think of it, please pray for my mom tomorrow. Thanks.

Until the next time . . .

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