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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Reflections on a Marriage

Today is my parents' 44th wedding anniversary. When I think of marriage and all it entails, I am grateful that my folks have given me a great model. They loved each other in front of us kids and they fought with each other in front us, too. They laughed, yelled, cried, and showed us what it means to be married. And I am grateful.

My folks didn't have it easy these last 44 years. Daddy married into a ready-made family, complete with 2 kid and a mother-in-law. Mommy had weathered an emotional divorce prior to meeting Daddy and marrying him. So, they had some adjustments to make when they decided to make a go of this family. I'm sure I don't know all the compromises made (and I really don't want to), but obviously they made them and they made their life together work. And I am grateful.

I believe that parents often forget that not only are they role models for their children in behavior as people, but also for how to be a wife or husband. Kids watch their parents and learn how to respond to certain situations by what their parents do. My parents gave me great morals, values and showed me what character means. And I am grateful.

So, Mommy & Daddy, thank you. I hope you enjoyed your anniversary. Thanks for loving each other. Here's to 44 more! :)

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