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Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 2008 is History

I gotta tell you, I thought this month would NEVER end!! Randy and I were just talking about this the other day. So many people have commented on how this month has flown by, but not to us. We have felt like this month has been two months long. Not quite sure why . . . but there it is.

Anyway, we are now looking at just six more weeks here in PA. I bet these weeks will fly by just because we'll be leaving. We've got a couple of big events first, though. One of our nieces is getting married in two weeks and I am excited about that. She and I are pretty close and I am thrilled she has found a young man who cares so very much for her. I think he'll take good care of her.

Secondly, Reagan will turn THREE the day before we leave. Of course, there will be much celebrating and excitement. It's hard to believe she'll be three and starting preschool this year. Seems like we were just sitting in that waiting room at the hospital awaiting her arrival. Whew. Talk about time flying by . . .

We received a cell amplifier/booster system today. We ordered it hoping that it will enhance our cell phone and air card reception in those areas where it is spotty. (We are in one of those areas right now.) When we got home from Lindsay's today, Randy got right on setting it up. We do have better cell phone reception and so far I've kept three bars up on the air card w/o having to restart. So, it seems it's doing its job.

Nothing more to share tonight. Tomorrow's pay day - YAY! I love the first of the month, I feel so rich! :) That is, until all of the automatic withdrawals hit. :) So, it's off to the bank and the grocery for us tomorrow morning. Hope you've got something fun planned!

Until the next time . . .

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