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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Synopsis of the Wedding Weekend

When last I posted, we had just lived through the bachelor/ette parties. Everyone survived those, albeit some better than others. :) Randy was just fine.

Friday was a busy day of preparation. Randy & I were at the wedding location all day until it was time to go to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. We helped set up tables, decorate, run interference between bride, mom and grandma, and just pitched in as necessary. The dinner was a very laid back, easy event. All of Sara's uncles and their families came so it was nice to get to know them a little away from the craziness of the preparations.

We had several errands to run Saturday morning and had to drop off various items at the wedding location. Once that was done, we went home to recoup before getting dressed for the wedding. As I've mentioned previously, we were staying at my friend, Tricia's, house right in Columbia which was just 25 minutes from the venue. What a blessing that was. We were able to relax a little because we were so close. And there were enough bathrooms that all of us were able to get ready without running into each other or out of hot water. Now, THAT was great! :)

We arrived back at the venue around 5:00 and found that the weather was beginning to cool off. The area where the ceremony would take place would be shaded by the time of the wedding, so that was great. The photographer arrived on time and the picture taking began. Sara had wanted pictures taken prior to the ceremony so that everyone was fresh and also so that the reception could get started quickly. Although, I was disappointed that Kev would see Sara before the wedding (being the traditional girl that I am), it seemed to work well. I think the pictures are going to be wonderful.

Folks started arriving and you could feel the excitement starting. Reagan was so anxious to begin her flower girl duties – she was adorable. The ceremony actually began very close to on time. I was so proud to be escorted by my handsome son in his dress blues uniform. Blackie, Kev's dog, discharged his ring bearer duties without incident. And the bride made her entrance beautifully, complete with tears. It was a marvelous ceremony and the bride and groom made a very handsome couple.

I think everyone enjoyed the reception. We were able to see friends we hadn't seen for awhile and mingled with everyone. There was the traditional father/daughter dance, mother/son dance and the couple's first dance. I must say that I fell apart during Kev and my dance; no surprise there. I am just so darn proud of him. Some of you know how far Kevin has come in these past two years, so you know why I was so emotional. He has grown into such a fine young man. And we are thrilled to have Sara in our family.

Kev and Sara came up yesterday to spend the day/evening with us and Lins & family. It was our last time together before they leave for Kansas. Funny, it was a little harder saying good-bye this time than when he left for Korea. Not quite sure why. All I can figure is that he has begun his life as an adult since he now has a family of his own. But, I know that he and Sara will make a great life together and will support one another in their individual pursuits as well as their combined ones.

Just as I was comfortable in Lindsay's choice of a lifemate in Jason, I am with Kevin's choice of Sara. Ginny has found a good man in Chuck to spend her life with as well. As parents, Randy & I couldn't ask for more than to have our children content in the lives and spouses they have chosen. As I watched our kids interacting with each other and with their spouses and children, I was overwhelmed with the many blessings God has showered on us. It is awesome to see your family whole and thriving.

Now Randy & I are recuperating! :) Today was spent doing nothing! I did go to Curves this morning (as I did yesterday, too!). But, the remainder of this week is dedicated to doing nothing. And that's something I am really good at! :)

I've posted some pictures below. I will have more eventually, but this will give you a taste of our weekend. Until the next time . . .

Flowers on the table

Kevin & Lindsay before the ceremony
The groom and his niece, the flower girl
Exchanging the rings
Cutting the cake
Saying goodbye


  1. Wow! Now you are REALLY empty nesters! Your kids are all grown up!
    Congrats to Kevin. And Reagan did make one of the cutest flower girls I have ever seen.

  2. Anonymous6:21 AM

    You must be so proud to have both your children married to great people! Kevin looks amazing and has grown up so much since I first met him almost ten years ago. Congratulations to you, Randy, and of course Kevin. Miss you guys!