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Friday, July 18, 2008

Ending the Week

Started the morning off at Curves. I find that my back feels much better on the days that I go to Curves. Very interesting . . . maybe there's something to this exercise thing after all! ;)

Later this morning Lins, Reagan and I headed down to Columbia to get hair cuts. Patty has been doing our hair forever! And even though it's a 3 hour round trip, we just can't change hairdressers. I know, I know, with the fuel prices the way they are it doesn't seem reasonable to travel that far to get our hair cut. But, it's only every 5 or 6 weeks, so we rationalize. :)

On the way home I had to stop at the colonoscopy center to pick up my instructions for that wonderful procedure everyone has to get once they turn 50. This has been the only drawback to turning 50 for me. UGH! I have so much anxiety over this and everyone keeps telling me it's no big deal, the prep is the worst, blah, blah, blah. Well, I guess I'll find out next Tuesday.

This afternoon was quiet, what little I had left once I got home. Around 5:30 Lins & Jason brought Reagan over to spend the night with us! There is a kids' fishing derby here at the campground tomorrow, so we told Lins & Jason to just have Reagan stay overnight with us. They jumped on that idea; they were needing a date night.

Reagan is such a pleasure to watch. She is curious, humorous, fun, and just plain adorable. :) We went next door to see the very tiny baby bunnies living in a fire pit. Then we played with the mardi gras beads. She loves those. For quiet time we watched some of Monsters, Inc. And being the good girl that she is, when I said it was time to go to bed, she went right in.

Talked to Kevin tonight. He and Sara are enjoying their time in Wisconsin with Ted & family. They're going to Chicago for the weekend and will attend a White Sox game. I'm so glad they're getting a bit of a honeymoon. Ted's mom is pampering them and they are loving it. It's great to hear Kevin so happy and content.

Hope you're feeling content. I know that I am; life can't get much better than this!

Until the next time . . .

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