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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Weekend Done

Yeah, I've been lazy and haven't posted for a few days. Actually, there wasn't much to share so I figured I'd just write about the weekend as a whole.

Friday was spent in our usual manner - I went to Curves in the morning and we just hung around home for the rest of the day. I fixed dinner for Dick & Pat and us - a chicken casserole dish from the the back of the Stove Top Stuffing box. It was pretty good.

Saturday was laundry day, again as usual. (I am sooooooo boring!) It was also the craft and flea market day at the park. Folks sign up for a table and bring their wares to sell. We have some talented people in this park - wood carvers, jewelry makers, artists, to name a few. Also on Saturdays, there is breakfast. So, after I got the laundry done, we walked around the market and had breakfast. Larry, our cook, makes one good biscuit! Randy and I both had sausage biscuit sandwiches. Yummy. Dick and Pat were there, too, of course.

After breakfast we all sat outside at the our site and visited. It was a beautiful morning; all the more so because it was unexpected. The forecast was for a nasty rainy day, but the morning was sunny with a slight breeze. Perfect for sitting on the patio with good friends. :) Unfortunately, by the early afternoon the sun was gone and it was getting overcast and damp.

Of course the rain came about the time we were to go out. Eight of us; Ron & Ruth, Darrell & Judy, Dick & Pat and us went to a concert given by the Airmen of Note, the Air Force jazz band.
They were excellent. We all enjoyed it. One thing that made it even more fun is that one of the trombone player was a "local boy." He had grown up in Loxley, which is a town just north of us. He seemed really pleased to be playing here.

Today we went to church and had a quiet afternoon at home. Just got back a little bit ago from the ice cream social. Now it's time to settle in for the evening.

Until the next time . . .

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