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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


We had a bit of excitement during the night - the furnace wouldn't fire! About 1:30 I was up and heard the burner trying to ignite, but nothing was happening. So, being the liberated, 21st century kind of woman I am . . . I woke Randy and told him something was wrong with the furnace. :) And being the sensitive, loving husband Randy is, he got up and went outside to check things out.

Turns out when Randy had gotten one of the tanks filled last week, he didn't reconnect it, so when the other tank died last night, the full one couldn't take over automatically as it normally would. Randy connected it and we waited to see if the furnace would fire. It didn't. Ugh. Randy figured the propane lines were too cold for the propane to get through and it would just take some time. So, we turned on the electric heater and brought it to the bedroom area. I went back to bed and Randy stayed up 'cause he was wide awake by that time.

When I woke back up about 6:30 this morning, I looked down into the living room and started laughing. Randy was sitting in his recliner, on the computer, with his coat on and hood up! Of course, it was only 57 degrees in the rig, so he sure needed the coat!

I headed out to Curves and did my session. Came home to the furnace roaring! YAY! All is working fine. Praise God! I was a little worried there was a problem. Bad enough we've got a problem with the slide, we sure don't need another issue right now.

After my coffee and computer time, I got to work. I cleaned the bathroom and all the mirrors in the bathroom and bedroom. Then I updated the finances. Lastly, I wrote and addressed Thanksgiving cards. I didn't them all done 'cause I ran out of cards. Gotta get some more tomorrow. I also did a bit of cross stitching.

Randy went out and got the propane tank filled. He spent the rest of the day in his recliner. He didn't even take a nap! I can't believe that. Well, he did take Blackie for a couple of walks, too.

We also said our good-byes to Russ & Pat. They are making their way west to Tucson, AZ where they will winter. It was a little hard to say good-bye 'cause we're not sure when we'll see them again. They don't come east very often and we sure don't go west much, either. But, we'll work something out. Randy's talked about spending February and March of 2011 in Tucson, so we'll see.

It's gonna be chilly again tonight, so I'm glad we've got the furnace going and plenty of propane!

Tomorrow we have an RV tech coming to look at the slide. Hopefully, it is not a big (read lots of $$$) problem. But, whatever it is, it's gotta be fixed.

Until the next time . . .

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