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Friday, November 06, 2009

Spending the Day with Friends

Got up feeling much better this morning! Of course, I don't think I could have felt a whole lot worse than I did when I went to bed. Well, I guess, I could have, but I'm glad I didn't! :)

Got out to Curves first thing 'cause we were going out with Darrell & Judy at 9am. I had to get to Curves, get back and get showered by then, so I had to move. And I did it! I actually had some time to sit and drink a cup of coffee, too.

Earlier this week we had made plans with Darrell & Judy to go to breakfast then meander around Heritage Harbor Days at Foley Park. This is an annual event that exhibits the highlights of living and playing in Baldwin County. Randy & I had gone last year, too.

The four of us started our "date" with breakfast at the Foley Coffee Shop. Randy & I often go here, but it was Darrell & Judy's first time. We enjoyed our meal and each other's company - as usual. :)

The coffee shop is right across the street from Foley Park, so that was convenient. Before walking around the festival, I went to the post office to mail a package. Once that was done, it was time to see what was doing at the festival.

The park has some beautiful flowers. Don't think the pictures do them justice, though.

Now, I'm not sure if it's because Randy & I had been to this event before or because it was early on Friday, the first day of the event, but it wasn't very exciting. We thought there would be music going on and vendors galore. The musicians were just setting up as were the vendors. I was a bit disappointed; figured when an event advertises its starting time that means all vendors, musicians, food services, etc., would be up and running. Oh, well. It looked like it was pretty much just like last year, so I don't think we missed anything.

Randy did enjoy the tractors, though. Seems they never get old.

Also on the park property is the train museum which houses a fascinating "O" gauge model train set up. This is a really neat exhibit! The attention to detail is amazing. It even had a drive-in theater where The Andy Griffith Show was playing onscreen! I think we could have looked over the exhibit for hours and not seen everything.

On the way to the train museum, Darrell got "on board" with the idea. :)

From the park we made a stop at WalMart to pick up a bicycle seat, if they had one. They did and we bought it. I was given a bike and needed to get a better seat for it. Now all I have to do is start riding it. :)

After WalMart, we took a ride to find an historic home we'd heard about - Swift Coles House that sits on the Bon Secour River. Boy, was that a disappointment. We didn't even bother going in. It's obvious it's in the renovation stages and, maybe it's nicer on the inside, but from the outside, it wasn't very impressive.

The afternoon was spent on the patio in the lounger (me) and in front of the TV (Randy). Randy also had a psaltry jam session. He's playing every Friday afternoon with a few other folks. He says he's determined to master it. :)

Pizza for dinner and Friday night TV. Boy, how exciting are we! ;) Nothing planned for tomorrow - just laundry. Sunday Russ & Pat are due in the park; can't wait for that!

Until the next time . . .

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