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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sharing Music with Friends

It's Thursday, so that means music! Today was going to be a little different 'cause we were supposed to have the jam session down at the water in Fairhope, have a potluck afterward, AND Russ & Pat were coming with us!

We picked up Russ & Pat about 8:30 and headed to Fairhope Pier. We were the only ones there! The plan was to meet at the pavilion as long as weather permitted. Well, it was sunny, but breezy and the pavilion was in the shade, so it was pretty cool. A couple of other folks showed up, but we all came to the conclusion that no one else was coming and so off we went to our regular meeting place. And there they all were! Linda, who coordinated the event, said she left a note, but none of us saw it! No matter, we all ended up together.

The group was much smaller than usual; several people were on a cruise and I guess others had things they had to do. That's okay, we enjoyed ourselves anyway. I felt a little bad 'cause Russ & Pat weren't familiar with many of the songs we play, but they hung in there anyway.

Some of the group
This one's for you, Jennifer!
Randy at his psaltery
Other half of the group

About 11:45 we stopped playing and got ready for our lunch. We were not going to go hungry today! As usually happens at a potluck, there was more food than we could eat, but we sure tried. :) We had good food and good conversation. It was fun to have time to sit and get to know some folks we haven't chatted with before.

Getting ready to eat
Enjoying each other's company

After lunch, we packed up and left for our next stop. Russ & Pat needed to pick up their mail from the Summerdale post office and we needed to mail a package to Kevin. Got that done, dropped Russ & Pat off at their rig and we came home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in bed - I'd developed a nasty headache while at Pickers and it wasn't going away. Finally after a couple of hours, I got up and took a bicycle ride, hoping that would ease the headache. It did, some.

Russ, Pat, Randy & I went to the clubhouse for dinner. It was good, as usual. Russ & Pat got to meet Darrell & Judy as they sat at our table. We had lively dinner conversation. :)

Nothing planned for tomorrow, we'll see what comes. Hope you've had a good week! Until the next time . . .

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