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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Exploring with Friends

This was an absolutely, fabulous day! I was up a little past 6am and headed off to the laundry room to put that weekly chore behind me. I was back home by 8am with two loads of laundry done. Then it was time to get ready for our playdate with Russ & Pat. :)

About 10am Russ & Pat came to pick us up. We were going to show them the Gulf Shores area, so we headed south toward the water. Our first stop was at the Mobile Ferry dock area. The road leading to the dock runs between Bon Secour Bay and the Gulf and on either side of the road are many gorgeous homes that sit out on the dunes overlooking the water. Also at the end of this road is Fort Morgan which played a major role in the Battle of Mobile Bay and was also used in the Spanish-American War and both world wars. We didn't tour the fort, just parked in the ferry parking lot and Pat and I took pictures of pelicans in the bay. :)

Leaving the Mobile Ferry parking lot, we headed toward the beach. It was an amazingly gorgeous day, weatherwise. To be walking on the beach in short sleeves and capris in November just blows me away! I just wanted to grab a chair, a book and sit on the beach for the rest of the day.

We also took a drive through Gulf State Park campground. This campground abuts a lake and there are RV sites that back up to the water. It's a great campground. We have always said that if we didn't stay at the Escapees park, we'd be camping here. Most state parks have a two week limit on reservations, but you can stay for the season at this park. And it has very reasonable rates - including monthly.

Our tummies were beginning to let us know it was past lunchtime, so it was off to Doc's for lunch. Doc's is in Orange Beach and is a well-known local seafood restaurant.

We'd been to Doc's once before and enjoyed it and figured Russ & Pat would, too. And they did! I don't usually take pictures of my meals, but this looked so good when the waitress set it in front of me, I couldn't resist. Pat's looked pretty good, too. :) Randy and Russ enjoyed their meals, as well.

Back in the truck, it was time to head toward home, but we had a couple more stops to make before we got there. The next stop of Tanger Outlets. Pat needed to get some new sneakers and she only buys a certain type of Nikes and Tanger has a Nike outlet.

When we got there, the guys went one way and Pat and I went another. Pat found her sneakers and we went in search of some more "bargains. " :) There was a new bookstore so of course we had to go in it. I found three more Christmas presents! The Crocs store was next and Pat found a couple pair of flip flops she couldn't live without. After all, they were buy one, get one free - can't pass that up! From there we went to the Jockey store and I won't share all that Pat bought there.

BUT! Jennifer, ask your mom about those purchases!! :)

By now, it was almost 4pm and we figured it was time to get the guys and head for our last stop. When the guys picked us up, we saw that Russ had done a little shopping of his own at the Black & Decker store. :)

Our last stop? The ice cream parlor in Summerdale! I wish I'd taken a picture of the inside of the store 'cause it looked like an old-fashioned ice cream parlor; at least as best as it could.

Russ, Pat & I got a scoop of ice cream and cones, but Randy got a banana split. I should have taken a picture of it - it looked great. He said it was the best one he'd had in a long time. We all enjoyed our treat.

Then, it was time to go home. We had a fantastic day, seeing familiar places through new eyes. I am so glad Russ and Pat like this area - maybe they'll come back!

Once we got home, we realized that our neighbors were gathered for a campfire. We hadn't seen them all week, so we wandered over for a bit. It was good to touch base with them! It is such a blessing to be surrounded by good friends and to have the comfort of being able to drop in on them. We are so rich in this way.

And we also get to experience His paintbrush every night.

Russ & Pat are going to church with us tomorrow and then we're going to take the scenic route through Fairhope. Can't wait to show them how beautiful that town is!

Until the next time . . .

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  1. That's a lot of shopping for a hater like yourself :-)