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Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas Shopping Done . . . Or So We Thought

Today was a shopping day - Christmas shopping. Now, most of you know by now that I do not like shopping. At all. But, Christmas shopping is a must, so off we went. I wanted to get it done. Most of what we needed to get were gift cards and they are a piece of cake. We just had to drive all over half of Baldwin County to pick up the ones we needed.

Pat told me that Walgreen's carries gift cards for many stores. I was a little concerned that they may not carry the ones I wanted and the only Walgreen's I knew of was in the opposite direction of the stores I needed, so we just went to the stores themselves. Since then I looked at Walgreen's website and, sure enough, they have all the ones I bought. Good to know for next time!

Once we got home, I updated my Christmas list and found I'd forgotten one card! Daggone it!! I even had it on my list. Duh! Oh, well. And, of course, it's a store that furthest away from us. But, Walgreen's does carry this store's gift cards, so I'll just drop by there and pick it up.

But, I hated that I wasn't done! I really wanted to be done with Christmas gifts. Oh, well.

Tonight was Bible study. It was the first time I'd attended during discussion night. See, we have a video one week and discussion the next. It was a small group tonight and these are some quiet women! I felt bad for Wendy, the leader, because no one was talking. Isn't that what "discussion" means? Talking? Anyway, suprise! I talked. I really went in with the intention of being quiet during this first time. But, hardly anyone was sharing. I don't think I dominated the discussion, but I did my fair share. Afterward, I apologized for talking too much and Wendy was so kind. She said she loves for people to talk. I warned her not to encourage me! :) Anyway, the group seems very nice and I think I'm going to like the study.

That's it for the first day of this week. Tomorrow Pat and I will go play music and then drop by the library to pick up some books. Randy's got Pops rehearsal tomorrow night. Wednesday we leave for Randy's sister for Thanksgiving. Going to be a busy couple of days!

Until the next time . . .

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