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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Fun Pictures

Since I felt like crud most of today due to a migraine, I'm going to share some pictures that make me smile. Hope they make you smile, too!

Kevin & Sara posed for "Old Tyme" pictures before Kev deployed. Cute, huh?

Our son-in-law, Jason, recently built a deck off of their kitchen. Reagan helped, of course. And isn't this what all of the stylin' deck builders are wearing these days?

Halloween fun - besides Reagan & Lindsay, our grandnieces Kylie & Kelsey enjoyed themselves, too!

A posing peacock
Taking a minute to get a picture at the school party
Kelsey, Kylie & Reagan before trick-or-treating
So very excited!
She's happy about whatever THAT house gave out!
But what the HECK is this?
Until the next time . . .

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